We act as agents to companies and individuals who own domain names and domain name portfolios.

Working in partnership with domain name and domain name portfolio holders FirstEntSol have two distinct offers for your domains and over 20 years online experience to help you.  

How Domain Name Agents Work:

Service level 1: Leasing your domains through FirstEntSol We take care of all all the paperwork, DNS, contracts and agreements, then send pay your income directly into an account of your choosing on a monthly basis.

Service Level 2: Selling your Portfolio, we find you a buyer for your portfolio (We have buyers waiting) acting as your agent for you, this service is 100% free to sellers!  


How and why we started our Domain Name Agency!

Over the years we have tried parking software, parking pages, pages redirected to affiliate programs, affiliate program storefronts and so much more, the problem is they need to be worked, refreshed on a regular basis and this does not always work out with your time.

In the good old days we had some web pages make us £500 per month, whilst others only produce £50 per year, with no work involved, then as the net grew income started to fade, so we set about working out how and why? trying all the various methods available, and each time it was the fact we did not have the ability to spend the time updating and tweaking the domain, which is something all of us lack is time. 

During this time we were constantly approached about domains we hold, each having been purchased to develop at some stage, with this in mind we started leasing them and very very seldomly selling them.


Domain Valuation:

To value a domain you must take into consideration many things, for example can it be remembered, is it search engine friendly, do brand new domains get the same treatment in the search engines as an older domain?

Once a domain is gone, as obvious as it is, it's gone, much like buying a building in Oxford street W1, most are now only for rent, therefore a domain to one person might be more valuable or less valuable than others.


This to consider before selecting:

Service Level 1: The agreement between us will negate your possibility to change direction for the duration of our agreement, put simply, once a domain is leased it is offered on a rolling contract, therefore our lessee must be given confidence in leasing your domain name for the long term, in line with thier own goals, in some case we have had domains leased for a number of years before either vacation of the domain or an offer to purchaser was been made and excepted.     

Service Level 2: Our buyers are looking for quality within portfolios and premium domains, we have an internal system that offers selected domains to our buyers, some domains are snapped up, whilst others take some time for the right organisation, we have new buyers coming to us all the time. If you are considering selling your domain portfolio contact us to find out how we might be able to help.


FirstEntSol are Nominet registrars!