Selling your IT Business can be tricky, you may need privacy, when selling some businesses, however, you need to be able to offer it to the right people discreetly, maybe even your competitors without them knowing what business they are being offered, this is where we can help.

We do not hawk your business indiscriminately on the web and have been involved with many public and private companies, helping them grow through Mergers & Acquisitions. There is no charge for sellers as our service is 100% free.

FirstEntSol has a working partnership arrangement with MLA Associates a Mergers & Acquisitions brokerage of 35 years standing.

Using our service we do not advertising your business, confidentiality is key, you stay in control over who knows your selling your business at all times. With extensive contacts within the industry, combined with our expertise, experience, technology and knowledge, enables us to carry out our duties, with efficiency and speed.

With more and more business relying on online activities, FirstEntSol's technical knowledge and MLA Associates years of experience in the mergers business, makes selling your business or buying a business, an easy process, we do not charge SELLERS any fees.

We do not hawk businesses about indiscriminately and certainly do not publish details of companies on the web.

Confidentiality is imperative.

Quick Sale - Sold in 5 Days

We have recently sold a business in 5 days, the company was within the Cleaning sector.

Below is a rough outline of the process that was involved:

  • Day 1: We were contacted by Company X wanting to sell their business. We explained what we do and what we would need from them to start the process.
  • Day 2: We received the information requested and it was processed by our staff to be made ready for presentation to our buyers.
  • We contacted specifically targeted buyers giving an overview of the company for sale. This process was totally confidential, there was no disclosure of the name of the company or where exactly it was based.
  • Until such time you are informed about the prospective buyer and think that they are right for your company, you the seller, are in control of the sale of your business at all times.
  • Day 3: Two potential buyers were found and the relevant contractual work was undertaken on our seller’s behalf.
  • Day 4: Meetings were arranged between the buyers and the seller and a tentative agreement was reached with one of the buyers.
  • Day 5: A second conversation took place and a final agreement was reached. The contract completed within a month.

The FirstEntSol / MLA Associate partnership has extensive systems in place to help you achieve the highest price for your business, our partnership has also been involved with many public and private companies helping them grow through Mergers & Acquisitions.

MLA Associates is a trading partner of FirstEntSol Ltd  - Becoming a Buyer Selling your business -