You only sell your business once make sure you get it right! - MLA Associates is a brokerage of 35 years standing and is a trading partner of FirstEntSol Ltd

Confidentiality - Our aim is to bring together willing buyers and sellers, with minimum disruption to both parties AND in total confidentiality, there is no charge for sellers as our service is 100% free, we will guide you through the process of selling your business to your greatest advantage.

The successful sale of a business begins with the right match between a seller and buyer, we do not hawk your business indiscriminately, you remain in control all the time regarding who you speak to.

We undertake all the work involved in preparing the documentation required by buyers and guide you throughout the process of selling your business and can advice you on what information is required to prepare your business package.

What is a pre-qualified buyer? We pre-qualify all our buyers!

A pre-qualified buyer does not only have a very good credit rating, but can often meet the seller's asking price and pay more for your business if it fits in with their business expansion plan.

Take our advice

Sometimes it might seem a good option to sell to the bigger companies in your sector, but will they give you the best return, taking into account staged payments, retention of business clauses and exit periods?

MLA Associates have 35 years of experience to draw upon, call us for advice.

Information required for Sales Particulars

The Market Place
Methods of Payment
Timing the Process
Identifying Prospective Buyer

Fill in the further request further form, and I will contact you personally to discuss your needs, in the strictest of confidence.

MLA Associates is a trading partner of FirstEntSol Ltd  - Becoming a Buyer Selling your business -