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Internet based businesses

Over the years we have been instrumental is putting together deals from smaller firms through to medium and large size companies, our staff have been able to provide support and information on identifying and driving acquisitions to conclusion obtaining the optimum results for all parties involved.

Seeing a value in an online business is our expertise from experience - When selling you simply must try and achieve the best possible price.

We can give you a good indication on…

How saleable is your business and how will you be valued?
What factors will be used in your particular case?
How are you going to be paid?
We select the buyers best suited to your profile.

Buyer waiting for the right business.

We can give you a good indication on how saleable is your business and how will you be valued?

Our highly experienced IT associates understand the Internet and how to help you get your business ready for sale, we have buyers best suited to your profile ready and waiting.

Online Trading Businesses

We listen to what you want and need, once we understand your needs and combined with our years of experience, we offer your business for sale in a discreet manner, and we have a large pool of qualified and regular buyers to talk to.

You only sell your business once make sure you get it right!

The successful sale of a business begins with the right match between a seller and buyer.

Domain Names

We Know domain names, registering our first domains in the mid 90’s, FirstEntSol are Nominet registrars, Tucow resellers and have access to a vast range of after-market domain names.

Over the years we have helped many businesses find the right domain name, held domains for out of the UK companies, sourced after-market domains and hold a vast portfolio of domains for non UK companies and domain portfolio holders.


If you hold a domain portfolio above 10 domains and need to hold them in a safe, easily accessible place, this is the service we offer, contact us for details and questions  

Web Based Businesses

Web based business can be run using a variety of software applications, some using the licence route whilst others use open source software, we see a value in both.

An example of some of the businesses we sell are pure affiliate sites, dropping shipping sites, membership sites, information based websites, software developers websites (developers selling their own apps) the list is endless.

Contact us if you are looking to sell your business, it's 100% free to sellers.  


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